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Bluetoolz Media is a leading news-media and PR consultancy firm in Gudu-Abuja helping millions of Nigerians, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and institutions to access free and affordable adverts, media coverage and publicity.

Content is our raw material and we deploy exceptional publicity skills in communication to create optimal visibility. our focus is to use the media to drive performance, ROI, and visibility.

We source for and provide media people-including journalists, On-air presenters(OAPs), voice-over artistes, community managers, Spokespersons, Think-Tanks, social media managers, public relations officers (PROs), publicists, influencers, photographers, speechwriters, animators, cartoonists, writers, columnists and content curators to promote, cover and manage your event all over Nigeria.

We work with individuals, foundations, businesses, investors, communities, civil society, and government to provide adequate and affordable media coverage and publicity.

…Publicity Is Oxygen