Praises for The Oyelades at Book Launch, Thanksgiving

It was an evening of glitz and glamor for the Oyelades on Saturday 3rd, September 2022 as the family converged at the Provincial Headquarters, Desire of Nations of the Redeemed Christian Church of God to celebrate 10 Years of God’s faithfulness and the Launch of Two Inspiring Books by Pastor (Mrs) Halima Oyelade and daughter, Miss Stephanie Oyelade.

Undoubtedly, the evening best indicates God’s steadfast faithfulness and support as men of timber and caliber from the Church, Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, Family Members, Friends and Relatives Graced the Occasion.

The outpouring of testimonies, eulogies, and praises best describe the fact that the Oyelades is indeed a God-sent family and one that everyone is glad to reckon with.

The Continental Overseer and Assistant General Overseer (Education and Training) Pastor Ezekiel Odeyemi described Halima Oyelade as a true Christian woman.

In his words, “Halima has shown to us what it takes to be a Christian woman, including her children, I have no doubt within me that one of the reasons that God has sent her to the world is to reveal to us that God is faithful no matter what one is passing through”.

Without mincing words, gestures, laughter, and smiles from attendees show that if time permits they also have tonnes of testimonies to speak of concerning the Oyelades.

Halima Oyelade’s book titled Blessed Beyond Reproach was written out of a desire to basically help people that have gone through challenging and difficult times.

Halima said people lose many which take them through dark moments in life but Infer that the book is not just for people that have gone through difficult times but had suffered reproach.

“So I just want to give people hope and tell them not to let other people or situations define them, if I could walk through it, they too can walk through it”

Halima advised other widows to look up to God, as God is an unfailing companion, she noted that trusting and walking in faith will ensure victory rather than being a pity party or begging for survival.

Beaming with smile and life, Halima Oyelade assured of a better and bigger next 10 years, In her words, she said “You cannot walk with God and retrogress, the next 10 years will be a celebration of something bigger and better because God told me that I will forget my yesterday”.

Miss Stephanie’s joy too knew no bounds as she attributed her inspiration to writing her book “Good, God Grief” to a way of encouraging people that are going through difficulty that God is good regardless of what they are passing through.

Stephanie who also took inspiring spoken words that got the congratulatory emotion stated that her story exemplifies how she was able to pull through.

In her words, she said, “For going through a lot, it’s right to cry and be emotional, but I want them to draw strength from God and remember that he understands your pain and you will find comfort in his hands”.

Highlights of the event included a formal launch of the books, thanksgiving, and photo sections of everyone trying to have a photoshoot with the Oyelades.

Halima Oyelade, An Outstanding Christian Woman – RCCG

The Continental Overseer and Assistant General Overseer (Education and Training)of the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, Pastor Ezekiel Odeyemi has described A/P Halima Oyelade as an example of a true Christian woman.

Odeyemi while speaking over the weekend at Oyelades Book Launch and the Evening of Thanksgiving stated that despite the demise of her husband she stood faithfully with God and God showed up for her.

“Halima has shown us what it takes to be a Christian woman, including her children, I have no doubt within me that one of the reasons that God has sent her to the world is to reveal to us that God is faithful no matter what one is passing through”.

Explains, Odeyemi “In our society, I have learned my own little experience that anytime something negative happens to you there are those who wants to scorn you, but putting your faith in Christ that God is alive is important”.

He added that it is only when the problem surfaces that is when we know how strong our faith is, “this family has been able to show to us that you can overcome when Jesus is on your side”.

Odeyemi advised that the most important lesson learned from the Oyelades is that it does not matter what one is confronted with, one should make sure to always be on God’s side and he will never disappoint such a faithful one.

In the same vein, Pastor in Charge, Rccg, Throne Room, Pastor Laniyi Benjamins described late Oyelade as a good organizer, hard working and highly dedicated to God’s work.

“This man taught me how to be organized, how to manage my time and money, he taught me commitment, he taught me that freedom comes with responsibility and also how to play basketball and where the kits can be gotten”.

Laniyi, appreciating halima noted that she made late Oyelade a happy man during his lifetime and after life.

“So I want to thank you Aunty Halima for making my brother a very happy person in his lifetime, you brought joy into his life, and particularly after his demise. God Bless his soul forever”.

Halima Oyelade: How To Build A City From A Single House

*A House, a Camp, and a City.*

Almost a month ago on the 11th of August, I was ordained a full Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God by Pastor E .A Adeboye at the Redemption Camp of the Church.

It was a truly humbling experience and I consider it a great privilege to be called into a higher level of service to God, His Church, and mankind. I can only put my hands in the Lord’s hands and let Him lead me to what He will have me do for as long as I live.

Every time I am at the Redemption Camp I cannot get my mind away from the fact that all that is there is a result of one man having great faith in a great God.

Daddy G. O as the General Overseer Pastor E.A Adeboye is fondly called by Church members at some point in time had asked God for a house for his family and God said He would give him a City. This was after he became General Overseer and resigned his job at the university to take up the mantle of leadership.

Back in the day, the Church which started from humble beginnings didn’t have much and so after leaving the University they did not have anything near the kind of accommodation they were used to. It was at this point he prayed for a place they could call home. Note that God asked him to give up all the benefits the University gave him for his years of meritorious service.

True to His word God gave him not just a house but a city.

Today the Redemption Camp is a city with houses, banks, markets, public transportation, hotels etc and during the Convention of the Church in August and other church programs the camp plays hosts to literally millions of people.

However, it wasn’t always what it is today as when they moved it was still ‘bush’, no electricity, wild animals and snakes but they moved and stayed on till a City emerged.

Some of the lessons I have learned from observing this great man of God are;

1. The fact that God has called you does not mean there will be no challenges.
2. The road to greatness and uncommon success is not easy and requires sacrifice.
3. If you keep trusting God, walk in faith, persist and persevere the results are phenomenal and mind-blowing.
4. A man that works with God and is totally sold out to Him will always win.

On this beautiful Sunday, I encourage you with the Bible verse that says ‘do not despise the days of little beginnings’ because ‘though your beginning is small your latter end will greatly increase’

God used a man that was an illiterate as founder of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, made him hand over to a man who said when he was growing up they were so poor that even the poor called them poor. Then turned that small gathering into an organization (Church) with a presence in 197 Countries. Millions have been saved, healed, delivered and set free because a man chose to walk with God.

No matter where you are or how down and under you may remember it’s not over, it’s only part of the journey and if you hold on in faith you will enter your wealthy place.

We all have assignments we are created for and greatness inside of us. The decision on how much impact we want to have and the value we want to add is ours. But we need to remember that if we choose to walk with God the possibilities are limitless!!!

Halima Oyelade Convener of #TimeoutwithHalima

Halima Oyelade is a certified John Maxwell Speaker, transformational life coach, and trainer. She doubles as the convener of #Timeoutwithhalima- a leadership and personal development program. She is passionate about adding value to people’s lives and helping them to maximize their potentials and live their dreams. Her sessions are aimed at equipping people to become exceptional men and women who thrive in life, business and career. 

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