QZ Foundation conducts free blood pressure screening for Abuja residents

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Queen Zara Foundation for Human Resources Development a leading volunteer- driven organization providing & promoting Health, Peace and empowerment through education & provision, on Saturday embarked on free blood pressure screening exercise for residents in Nigeria capital city ,Abuja to improve healthy lifestyle. 

At Queen Zara Foundation for Human Resources Development, ” we believe together we can, giving back through life- changing experiences. Our mission is to focus on making the maximum positive effort for our communities. Our members & volunteers provide the momentum that helps us effect change”, the statement reads in part. 

According to the Founder, Ms. Roberts , the medical outreach couldn’t have come at a better time with low awareness about hypertension and many deaths recorded in Nigeria as a result of High-blood pressure. 

“Knowledge of blood pressure will help to reduce associated health threats. High blood pressure (also called hypertension) means when your blood pressure is consistently too high. This can pose a lot of health threats such as heart failure, vision loss, stroke, kidney disease, and even death”, she noted. 

She  is however placing a clarion call to well meaning Nigerians, Philanthropists, corporate organizations and those in diaspora to partner with the organization to reach out to disadvantaged Nigerians in need of health services.

Similarly, Country Representative of the organization, Danielle Anetor, said the exercise aimed at creating more awareness on hypertension, one of the major causes of death.

Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. It can lead to severe health complications and increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and sometimes death.

According to her, the foundation aims to educate the people to modify their lifestyles, which will improve their health status and less likely to develop heart diseases.

“We are here to create awareness about hypertension and to educate the general public the reasons why it is essential to know what your blood pressure.

“The rate of your blood pressure will help you modify your lifestyle to become healthier and to promote a general well-being of our citizens,’’ she said.

According to her, the organization will follow up on those who have health challenges, cover their medical bills of patients and ensure they get the appropriate care and medication.

“This outreach is a starting point, we will be able to find people that we will follow up to assist them in advocating for a change in their lifestyle.

“We will also sensitise them on the need to live a healthier lifestyle and if there is a lack of funds in covering the medications, we will be glad to assist them,’’ she said.

She said due to the COVID-19 guidelines, the organisation would screen between 50 and 100 persons during the exercise.

One of the beneficiaries, Mr Rapheal Daniel emphasised the need for regular medical check-up to verify health status.

“Once in a while, we need to go to the hospital to check the level of our health.

“ It is good for an organisation like this to take this initiative, it is a welcome idea and we pray more organisations will do such,’’ he said.

Similarly, Edith Ugwuja, another beneficiary commended the organisation for the initiative, which she said would enable the people access free blood pressure screening.

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