Labour Party Condemns Movement of National Minimum Wage To Concurrent List

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The Labour Party Family a social democratic party in Nigeria has associated itself with the ongoing protest national wide against the removal of the National Minimum Wage from the exclusive legislative list to the concurrent list.

The party said the move by the National Assembly will further pauperize the workers who are already suffering from the high rate of inflation occasioned by the poor management of the economy.

Speaking to journalists recently the National Secretary Barr. Julius Abure said “Workers over the years are made to suffer and at the receiving end of every unfair government policies”

“Removing the minimum wage from the exclusive legislative list will bring about lack of wage uniformity in Nigeria. The process of collective bargaining and negotiations becomes cumbersome, unrealistic and illusory”, he noted.

He also stressed that the party is shocked and surprised over the numerous media reports of Labour party involvement in a merger talk with other political parties or associations.

 “We hereby make it abundantly clear that the leadership of our party is not and does not intend to merge with any political party. Labour Party have a distinct ideology and programmes which can turn the fortunes of our country around”

He stated that the party intends to “canvass for the support of Nigerians around our party programmes and ideology in order to capture power in 2023”. 

The Labour party is a social-democratic party in Nigeria that advocates for various issues as a member of the opposition, from the increment of the minimum wage to other issues.

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