How People Made Millions of Dollars on Twitter Country

I intended to write this months ago after Twitter and Facebook banned former president Donald Trump following the storming of the US Capitol, due to the risk of further incitement of violence but busy schedules & deadlines had kept me procrastinating.

Twitter – A private company being able to censor the president of the United States, and this issue will be debated for a very long time to come. This tells you how powerful Twitter country has become. I am more convinced now that this article is due for publishing with the recent action of Twitter to delete a tweet of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari that is threatening.

Again with the recent clap back on  Friday,  by the federal government announcing the indefinite suspension of Twitter’s operations in Nigeria, this piece is apt.

In this article, I dispel the myths of Twitter country, the trends, the dragging, by showing you several examples of how you can become a successful global citizen on the app.

I don’t just want to give you the facts. Facts can be boring, especially when you’re desperately looking for how to ‘hammer’ (succeed) on Twitter. Instead, I’ll be sharing the success stories and limitless opportunities that prove just how possible it is to become more than Jack in a Twitter country. I promise this article will be long and short enough like a skirt. Not too long beyond the kneels, but short enough to cover the subject matter.

As you read reflect by taking decisions because ‘decisions make men’ until you make decisions you’re not ready to become.

Happy Reading!!

Become an Influencer

An influencer offers exposure to their online audience in exchange for a fee. Influencers are the first group of people that have built wealth and clout on Twitter. It is glaring that the majority of these influencers are more powerful than two to three Nigerian Media houses combined in terms of followers. The list is endless: Ogbenidipo, Pamilerin,  Omojuwa, Yemi Fasipe, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Auracool, and many more.


Become a constructive Critic

By being a constructive critic and having a good mastery of controversy you too can build wealth. Reno Omokri aka Buharitormentor is a case study. Rant, rave and smack someone online. Remember, Twitter is also a platform to vent your anger or release emotions about issues or a brand that is performing below expectations… A Nigerian bank was once dragged on Twitter for doing giveaways when the process of resolving failed transactions was taking like an eternity.

A Goldmine for content creators

Whether you’re a Music artiste, model, rapper, author, actor, dancer, spoken word artist, cook, poet, speaker, coach, podcaster,  Thought leader, comedian, or into funny video skits production you too can earn an income on the app. The likes of Lasisi Elenu, Taooma, Sydney Talker, Aprokodoctor, Mr. Macaroni, dairyofanaijagirl, Broadshaggi, Ifedioku, Sisi Yemmie will teach you that Twitter is a money-spinner if you’re creative & consistent. They consistently create videos that garner thousands of likes, retweets, and comments.


Jump on trends and threads on the app and tag as many as possible

Twitter trends are pretty insightful capturing the thoughts and emotions of the Twitter populace at any given point in time. And one of the constant traits of trends is that they are always changing. END SARS, fall of Trump, the fall of Motara, Arrest of Omah Lay & Tems in Uganda. You can leverage trending topics on the app to earn some cash. All you need is just to add the trending hashtag to all your tweets and boom.

Sell everything except human beings

Sale of anything including artworks, your products, services/affiliate marketing, and many more can be sold on Twitter. Sell on your timeline and continue to make a buzz about it until Twitter people start retweeting asking for information on the product and actually buying the products. With this, a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers have found sustainable wealth.  You can sell your book, shoes, perfumes, confectioneries, Ankara, Powerbanks, juice, pieces of jewellery and many more. As regards affiliate marketing, simply introducing other people’s or company’s products to your followers on Twitter. If you tweet links to these products and any of your followers click these links to buy a product you get paid as a reward.

Drive traffic to your blog or YouTube channel

If you have a blog or a YouTube channel and you have monetized it. This is another way you can make money. All you have to do to achieve this is to tweet links to interesting articles or videos you have made. People are tempted to watch or read. Once they click through to watch your YouTube video and read your article on your blog, traffic is already being driven or redirected to those platforms, and guess what? The multiplier effects on income generation is huge! Ask Linda Ikeji or Burna boy they would testify. Examples here are Arise TV,  Thereasa  Tekenah, Bellanaija,,, instablog9ja, Tweetsavages, the Winlos, and many more are achieving great feats with Twitter.

Uche Pedro ( Founder of Bellanaija)

Become a Social Media Handler

The job here is you tweeting per day, responding to complaints, booking appointments, increasing followership, and so on. A social media manager job can also be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have a phone and internet. Caution: you also have to be careful about what you tweet and how you respond to issues because you can be reported and your account suspended by Twitter. For being a social media manager in Nigeria you can be paid an average of 20,000- 50, 000 naira per month depending on how well you can bargain.

Join a trendy challenge on the app

Lori iro, Endsars, BelikeNgozi, BussitChallenge, Duduke, Davido’s Tule, Silhouette challenge, Sweet boy Association, Stingy Men Association….and many more. Join, network, and win cash giveaways.

If you are not on Twitter, you better join ASAP, unless according to Beverly E. Jones, you might just look like a dinosaur. Kindly follow me on Twitter @storiesosagie let’s talk, I follow back.